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Calculate shade raster for given dates and hours


  height.ras = NULL,
  date = NULL,
  hour = NULL,
  type = c("canopy", "ground"),
  cover.ras = NULL,
  zscale = 1,
  omit.nights = TRUE,
  filename = NULL,



A terra::SpatRaster() with heights data. Note height.ras must have a well defined crs (see terra::crs()).


A Date object or character giving the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. "2021-02-19"). Can be a vector too, e.g. c("2021-02-19", "2021-08-04"). Note different years have no effect on sun position calculations.


Hour of the day. Integer number (or numeric vector) between 0 and 23 (both included).


Character. Either 'canopy' to get illumination at the canopy/roof level, or 'ground' to get illumination at the ground level (i.e. for pedestrians).


A SpatRaster containing cover classes (ground, vegetation, buildings...). See rasterize_lidar_cover_class().


Default 1. The ratio between the x and y spacing (which are assumed to be equal) and the z axis. For example, if the elevation is in units of meters and the grid values are separated by 10 meters, zscale would be 10.


Logical. If TRUE, sun positions will only be returned when it is daytime (i.e. nighttimes will be omitted)


Character. Output filename. Note that if a file already exists with that name, it will be overwritten.


further arguments to rayshader::ray_shade()


A (possibly multilayer) SpatRaster object with the intensity of illumination at each pixel for every date and time


if (FALSE) {
lidar <- PlazaNueva()
heights <- calc_heights_from_lidar(lidar)
shaderas <- make_shademap(heights, date = "2022-10-15", hour = 13)
plot_shademap(shaderas, smooth = TRUE)
shaderas <- make_shademap(heights, date = "2022-10-15", hour = 8:20)
plot_shademap(shaderas, animate = TRUE, smooth = TRUE)
shaderas <- make_shademap(heights, date = "2022-07-15", hour = 8:21)
plot_shademap(shaderas, animate = TRUE, smooth = TRUE)
shaderas <- make_shademap(heights, date = c("2022-07-15", "2022-10-15"), hour = 13)
plot_shademap(shaderas, legend = FALSE)

## Ground-level shade maps require additional raster with cover classes
lidar <- read_lidar(system.file("extdata", "PlazaNueva.laz", package = "CityShadeMapper"))
cover.ras <- rasterize_lidar_cover_class(lidar)
shaderas <- make_shademap(heights, date = "2022-10-15", hour = 13,
  type = "ground", cover.ras = cover.ras)