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Include a metadata block of citation keys for including citations in references file without in-text citations.


nocite_references(citekeys, citation_processor = c("pandoc", "latex"))



Vector of citation keys in reference to a relevant BibTeX file.


Mechanism for citation processing when knitting to PDF or otherwise using LaTeX. Selects the appropriate formatting of the nocite command. Either "pandoc" or "latex". If processing with pandoc-citeproc, use the nocite metadata block. If processing via a LaTeX processor such as natbib or biblatex, put in the LaTeX \nocite{} command directly. If knitting to any non-LaTeX format, this parameter is ignored, and a pandoc-citeproc style block is used.


"As is" text of metadata block, with comma-separated list of citation keys.


When passed a list of citation keys, adds the @ to each, then builds the nocite metadata field, returning via "as-is" output. Run this function either inline or within a code chunk (with echo = FALSE) to include this metadata block within an RMarkdown document. The code chunk need not explicitly state results = 'asis'.

Call nocite_references with either style = 'pandoc' or style = 'latex' depending on whether you are processing citations with pandoc-citeproc or a LaTeX citation processor such as biblatex or natbib.

This function is intended to cite R packages with citation keys passed from get_citations() or cite_packages(output = "citekeys"), but can accept an arbitrary vector of citation keys (without @) found in a BibTeX file referenced in the YAML header.


Connor P. Jackson


if (FALSE) { # interactive()
# include in YAML header:
# bibliography: grateful-refs.bib

# Get citation keys for the current RMarkdown document
# (run after all packages have been loaded).
citekeys <- cite_packages(output = "citekeys", out.dir = tempdir())

# Include in RMarkdown body for use with pandoc-citeproc:
# `r nocite_references(citekeys, citation_processor = 'pandoc')`