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grateful 0.2.9

  • Match package names with citation keys explicitly, rather than relying on sorting.

grateful 0.2.8

  • Fix problem with citation keys containing non-alphanumeric characters (-) (issue #44, thanks @jkylearmstrong).

grateful 0.2.7

  • Enable citing Rstudio with ‘table’ output format (issue #41).

grateful 0.2.6

  • Explain how to cite R together with a given list of packages (issue #37).

grateful 0.2.5

  • Fixed a bug in writing passive voice paragraph when generating a citation report (issue #39).

grateful 0.2.4

CRAN release: 2023-10-22

grateful 0.2.3

  • Fixed a bug when downloading ‘dependent’ citation styles from the official repository.

grateful 0.2.2

  • Removed some tests that were likely to fail in the future (issue #36)

grateful 0.2.1

  • Citation paragraph can now be written in passive voice, thanks to @jmclawson

grateful 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2023-04-24

  • Added omit argument to exclude some packages from the citation report.

  • Argument cite.grateful has been removed, use omit = c("grateful") instead.

  • Increased robustness: more tests and argument checks added.

grateful 0.1.13

  • out.dir must now be provided by the user (out.dir = getwd() not allowed per CRAN policy)

  • Rmd.file and arguments to cite_packages have been fused into a single out.file argument

  • CITATION now uses bibentry rather than citEntry.

grateful 0.1.12

  • Fully revised documentation and README, including examples of running grateful with Quarto.

  • Added many tests

  • When using grateful within ‘R Markdown’, it is no longer necessary to specify chunk option results = "asis" (thanks to @connorp)

grateful 0.1.10

  • Fixed bug when matching citekeys with package names containing punctuation characters.

grateful 0.1.9

  • Fixed potential bug when matching package names with citation keys. Now using more strict regex.

grateful 0.1.7

  • New option output = “table” to produce a table with package names, version, and citation, to be used within an ‘R Markdown’ document.

grateful 0.1.5

  • Now including package versions, besides package name.

  • For packages specifying more than one reference in their CITATION file, use all of them.

  • Rather than a list of package names, grateful now returns a text paragraph citing R and all the used packages, ready to be pasted in a manuscript or report.

  • Now including base R citation in all cases. Can optionally add RStudio too.

  • grateful can now be used within ‘R Markdown’. Including a chunk with cite_packages(output = "paragraph") will introduce a paragraph with in-text citations of R and the used packages, and their citations will be formatted when rendering the ‘R Markdown’ document.

  • It is also possible to cite particular packages using their BibTeX keys generated by grateful. Or include them in the reference list without citing them in-text, using the new nocite_references() function.

  • New argument cite.tidyverse to collapse citations of all used tidyverse packages into a single citation to ‘tidyverse’.

  • New argument dependencies to include package dependencies in the citation list.